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Engagement Love Shoot in Benicassim, Spain | Eder & Sarai

Eder messaged me a few months ago for an engagement photoshoot and I was really excited. I had a few ideas for that day, and we headed out to Playetas, in Benicassim. This beach area is in a secluded part of Benicassim, far from the popular tourist places. This is where the upper class of the region has summer houses and cars are worth more than many of us can afford. But it’s also a lovely place with tiny beaches, rocks, woods and water. It is the perfect place to walk around and discover spots for photos. Eder was a bit nervous at the beginning, and it took a short while to relax and forget about me walking around with the camera. After that, both Eder & Sarai were amazing, showing love to each other and being authentic and spontaneous. This was one of those cases where I was there to capture their special moments. To this day, this is still one of my favourite photoshoots. Please enjoy!


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